GlobalMapper that I use today, suddenly announced that version 10 was available and I was asked to update it online. But I defer, because besides being a lot of work, I also want to know "What's New" from the Global Mapper 10.
Global Mapper Software LLC announces the availability of GlobalMapper v10.00 on August 22, 2008. You can download it via the following url If you have a previous version, you do not need to remove it, just install the version 10, then the previous version will be directly replaced.
Some of the increase and improvement of existing bugs in previous versions have been overcome in this latest release GlobalMapper. Under the following improvements have been made:
Able to perform importing ESRI personal geodatabase (MDB) files.
Able to perform importing and exporting files BigTIFF.
Able to perform selection / changes to the layer when editing existing features and creating a new layer using the Digitizer Tool.
KML / KMZ Super Overlay Support!
Able to perform creating new feature coordinates based on the distance and or COGO values ​​from a starting location using the Digitizer Tool.
Able to rename mutiple attibute on the Saar editing features and also make copying from one attribute to the different attributes.