Latest satellite GeoEye-1 image is scheduled to launch on 4 September 2008. GeoEye is a company that houses IKONOS and OrbView-2. GeoEye-1 will be able to produce images with a resolution of 0.41-meter panchromatic (black & white) and 1.65 meter multispectral. Satellite images of this in a day can do the scanning of 700,000 square kilometers of panchromatic and up to 350,000 square kilometers for the pan-sharpened multispectral. This capability is ideal for large-scale mapping projects.

GeoEye-1 will re-visit the same object on the Earth in 3 days or sooner than that. Customer can order images included with the DEM (digital elevation model) and DSM (digital surface model). GeoEye-1 orbit 12 to 13 orbits per day, fly to an altitude orbit of 684 kilometers with a speed of 7.5 km / sec.
Here's a difference between the 1-meter resolution satellite image with a resolution of 0.41 meters.

To learn more about GeoEye-1 can be seen in while viewing satellite launch countdown is scheduled to be viewed directly with streaming video through the link.