GoogleTrail is a free mapping tool for the Garmin GPS that can be used to perform the conversion of web maps like Google Maps, Bing Map, Yahoo Map, Openstreet Map, Map Cloudemate a Garmin Custom Map.

With this GoogleTrail application, users can perform conversions custom web map into garmin folder by performing the selection area using the mouse and zoom in to limit the level of the desired user. The output obtained is the KMZ file that can be used as a background map on the Garmin GPS that has support custom folder.
One interesting option of this application is the ability to do the overlay of multiple web maps. Each web folder in overlaykan can edit its transparency, so that one map with the other does not cover each other, complement each other instead.

Google's Trail is available for download via CodePlex website. This application developers have also added a tutorial in Word format documents on how to create a Custom Garmin Map of Web Map complete with a screenshot of it. It is also available to create a GPX file and how to update altitude data using Google Maps. This free application can only run on Windows operating systems, and can work well in 64-bit Windows 7 systems.