Lindgren (1907, 1913 and 1922) popularized the Genetic Classification or deposit of product classification mechanics or chemical concentration and classification of hydrothermal veins (hydrothermal vein). In group Lindgren including pirometa-somatic (igneous metamorpik) and hydrothermal deposits.

Classification Lindgren (Modification)
1. The precipitate that formed through a process of chemical concentrations (Temperature and Pressure Varies)

a. In a magma, by the process of differentiation
· magmatic deposits (segresi magma, magmatic liquid), T 700-15000C; P is very high.
· deposition Pegmatit; T medium-very high, very high P

b. In the body of rock
· concentrations because there is the addition of external (epigenetic)
· origin depends on the eruption of igneous rocks
Ø By blowing directly clot (magma)
ü From the effusive; sublimat; fumaroles, T 100-6000C; P atmosphere-medium
ü From the intrusive, Igneous metamorphic deposits; T 500-8000C, very high P
Ø By the addition of hot water filled with magma material
ü hipothermal deposition; T 300-5000C, very high P
ü mesothermal deposits; T 200-3000C, very high P
ü epithermal deposits; T 50-2000C, very high P
ü telethermal deposition; low T, low P
ü xenothermal deposition; T high-medium, medium-atmospheric P

· concentration of material in the rock body itself:
Ø Concentration by dynamic and regional metamorphism, T s / d 4000C; P high.
Ø The concentration of water in the soil; T 0-1000C; P is
Ø Concentration by lapukan rocks and weathering residue near the surface, T 0-1000C, P is-atmosphere

c. In the surface water
· The solution interaction; T 0-700C; P is
Inorganic Reaction Ø
Ø Organic Reactions
· by solvent evaporation

2. Deposits generated through mechanical concentration; T & P is.

P = Pressure
T = Temperature