Making Custom Garmin Maps in ArcGIS Explorer

ESRI ArcGIS Explorer, a product which can be downloaded for free (Windows only) as a GIS viewer, available add ins that the user can create custom Garmin maps from the KMZ file that can contain raster and vector data. Add ins created by Don Copple of Montana DRC was named Garmin Tools.


Not all types can be made custom Garmin maps. Currently only Garmin GPS models that can display a custom user-made maps overlay the results of which Garmin 62s, Colorado, Oregon, Dakota, and 78 series.

There are some records in making custom Garmin maps include:

Projection system used must be WGS84 geographic projection,
Pixel size KMZ files generated earned less than 1 MP (1024 x 1024), for Garmin custom maps requires it. Resize window ArcGIS Explorer is the easiest tips to get the results below 1 Mpix
Learn more about the tutorial how to create custom Garmin Maps in ArcGIS Explorer can read through the following link ArcGIS Explorer itself can be downloaded at the following link While the add ins Garmin Tools available HERE. ESRI ArcGIS Explorer also provides tutorials that can be accessed for free at the following link You must be registered in the ESRI Web site to access these tutorials.