Knowing the coordinates of a Location

google maps
The coordinates of a particular location on the surface of the earth, it later began to realize more and more asked how do I get it. There are simply curious, but others were needed for plotting the location of such surveys. A financial intermediary in the same building where I work now, equip surveyornya with GPS for plotting the location of candidate costumernya. But you know, that Google Maps provides the tools to determine the coordinates of a location with an easier way? There are several ways to get the coordinates of the location of an object on the surface of the earth by using Google Maps. In this post I present 5 ways, namely:

How 1: Use the Send menu or Links

Click on Send or link on the right of the map. When clicked on Send, then Message body will have the value Latitude Longitude at about line end (see picture).

Method 2: Use Hacking with Javascipt
To determine the coordinates of a location on Google Maps, you can also use a line of JavaScript that typed in the address bar of your browser. Previous confirm the location or object you want to know koordinatnnya are in the middle of the display Google Maps. By default, if you do a search using the Search Form are available, the results of these searches will be in the middle of the display of Google Maps. Next, type the following code in the address bar of your browser:

javascript: void (prompt (", gApplication.getMap (). getCenter ()));

Oalaa ... A popup window will appear with the indicated value of latitude and longitude of the location in the center Google Maps! This tip from Lifehacker.


How 3: Installing Google Map Add-Ons

You can also install an add-on for Google Maps that works to provide ease of obtaining the coordinates that you cari.Add-on that the intent is PositionFinder. Its use is very easy. To install simply click the Add it to Maps button

How 4: Utilizing the Menu "Directions from here"

Following manner easier than ever, right click on the location you specify, and select "Directions from here". A pop up box will appear with the name Get Directions. There are values

koorinat location from the location that you specified earlier.get directions
How 5: By Using Google Earth

We encourage you to take advantage of Google Earth, Google Earth because you do not have to do the 4 ways above to find out the coordinates of a location, because by using Google Earth more easily and also supports the UTM projection system. Just not have to install first to use it ...