Know Your Puzzle-GIS: GIS Software Free Java-Based

Java Puzzle-GIS is Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development platform that is built using the NetBeans Platform. The main purpose built Puzzle-GIS is the availability of free GIS software that can produce spatial data as well as a competitive tool as an alternative to other commercial GIS software.

Puzzle-GIS is divided into two versions, namely User and Developer. For User version, users can use the GIS software that can be running on all these operating systems are multi-screen and multi project simultaneously. User interface high quality and ease of installation process becomes important points in Puzzle-GIS.

Untuk versi Developer, seperti yang terdapat di website-nya, keunggulan Puzzle-GIS diantaranya :
  1. 100% Java (at least we try to be)
  2. Java Web Start supported
  3. One version for all operating systems
  4. No operating system limitation (just need a JVM 1.6 or more)
  5. No installation needed (because of Java Web Start)
  6. Built on NetBeans Platform for a professional architecture
  7. Built on GeoToolKit, a high quality GIS library

You can try the Puzzle-GIS which is currently available in version 0.7