Surfer is one of the software used for the manufacture of contour maps and three-dimensional modeling based on the grid. The software is doing XYZ plotting tabular data into pieces of irregular rectangular dots (grid) is irregular. Grid is a series of vertical and horizontal lines of the quadrilateral Surfer and used as the basis for forming contours and three-dimensional surface. Vertical and horizontal line has intersection points. At this intersection point Z value stored in the form of spot heights or depths. Gridding is the process of forming a regular series of Z values ​​from a data XYZ. The results of this gridding process is grid files stored on the file. Grd.
1. The operating system and hardwareSurfer does not require hardware or operating system are high. Therefore relatively easy surfers in their applications. Surfer works on Windows 9x and Windows NT.Here are the minimum specifications for applications Surfer:􀁸 available space for the program at least 4 MB.􀁸 Using the Windows operating system 9.x or Windows NT.􀁸 at least 4 MB of RAM.VGA or SVGA Monitor 􀁸.
2. Installation of the program surfer (installed)Enter the master's program 􀁸 Surfer on CD ROM or other media.Open through explorer and double click on Setup.Surfer 􀁸 ask the location of installation. Answer the desired drive. Answer the next question with Yes.
3. Surfer WorksheetSurfer worksheet consists of three parts, namely:􀁸 Surface plot,􀁸 Worksheet,􀁸 Editor.
3.1 Surface plotSurface plot is a worksheet used to create a map or grid file. At the beginning of opening, this worksheet is in the condition which is still empty. In this plot the map sheet is formed and processed for the next serving. Sheet plots are used to process and form in two-dimensional maps, such as contour maps, and three-dimensional maps such as the formation of three-dimensional face.This plot resembles a sheet of sheet layout where the operator adjusting the size, text, position of objects, lines, and various other properties. On this sheet also set the size of the working paper that will be used as a medium for printing the maps.

3.2 WorksheetWorksheet is a worksheet used to perform input XYZ data. XYZ data is the main capital in making a map on the surfer. From the XYZ data file grid is formed which then diinterpolasikan into contour maps or three dimensional maps. Sheet worksheet has an interface similar to MS Excel worksheet. Worksheet on Surfer composed of cells which is the intersection of rows and columns. Data is entered from this worksheet will be saved in a file. Dat.

Editor 3.3Editor window is the place that used to create or cultivate an ASCII text file. Text created in the editor window can be copied and pasted in the window of the plot. This capability enables the use of a group of the same text to be paired on the various maps. Editor window is also used to capture the results of the calculation volume. A group of text files volume calculation grid will be displayed in a editor window. The window can be saved into an ASCII file with the extension. Txt.
4. GS ScripterGS Scripter is a macro that can be used to create an automated system in a surfer. By using the GS Scripter these tasks are done manually can be summarized into a macro. Macro of the GS Scripter is similar to BASIC language interpreter. Macro saved in the extension. Bass.
5. Map symbolizationSymbolization is used to provide information on a map that was formed on the plot sheet. Symbolization that is used in the form of point symbol, line, or area, as well as text. Symbolization that exist in this map allow maps produced surfers can easily read and more communicative.
6. Contour map editingEditing contour map is intended to get a contour map in accordance with the terms of a particular mapping or in accordance with the wishes of the map maker. Several issues related to this example is the determination of the value of the contour interval (Interval Contour), labeling index line, the density of the label, changing the line color index, setting the color blocks of land elevation class, and others.The following image is an example of the use of a different contour interval of a contour map of the same.

In general, contour interval settings follow these rules: Contour interval = 1 / 2000 x scale base map, so if using a basic scale of 1: 50,000 then it should map the contour interval is 25 meters. Height difference between the contour lines are closed to within 25 meters. Had the base map is enlarged to a scale of 1: 25.000, then the contour interval also must be changed to 12.5 meters.7. Overlay contour mapsContour map overlay is intended to show a contour map with a raster data, or a contour map with three-dimensional model. This overlay allows the analysis of a region in relation to the contour or shape local land morphology.
8. The use of base mapMap used for the Surfer can be derived from other maps or image data such as aerial photographs or satellite imagery. Base map is called the Base Map.The second process is often referred to as grid-ding. Gridding process produces a grid file. Grid file is used as a basis for making contour maps and three-dimensional model. Here is an outline flowchart of the work in Surfer.