Once the shapefile data is integrated in the Global Mapper Global Mapper then ready to be utilized. In the telecommunications world commonly used for two things namely to know whether the LOS between two different points, also estimates the coverage of a BTS.

To know the LOS between two points, the following steps - steps:

Knowing LOS. Suppose there are complaints from the site Megang signal and not get caught on the peg Petanang Iron.
Click Tools-> Path Profile / LOS. Click the left mouse button on the site Megang and navigate to iron stakes. The result is as below:

    Garis lurus BTS ke daerah
  1. Then right-click, the results are as follows:
  2. Irisan Gambar LOS
  3. Then right-click, the results are as follows:
    Click Calculate, select the Line of Sight. In the From Sight Elevation, enter the BTS antenna height, for example, 40 m.
  4. Hitung LOS
    Here can also be included curved earth elements. In the above data, the curve of the earth curvature is negligible.

    Click OK, then the result is as follows:
    Hasil LOS
    Seen any obstacle blocking a hill Iron stakes areas receive signals from Megang.

    In the same way from Petanang, with antenna height of 70 meters, will be found:
    Hasil LOS
    The result is the same namely the existence of a little obstacle in the form of the hill if the stakes Iron receiving signals from Petanang.