Type Type Stereoskop
v Stereoskop pocket or lens stereoskop
a. It's cheaper than a mirror stereoskop
b. Small enough as to be inserted into the pocket
c. Consisting of a simple convex lens array
d. Having a large magnification factor
e. Easy to carry to the field
f. Regional dpat viewed in stereoscopic very limited
Figure stereoskop pocket

v Stereoskop mirror
a. Greater than stereoskop pocket
b. Areas that can be viewed in a broader stereoskop when compared to using a lens stereoskop
c. Because the shape is rather large it is somewhat more difficult to bring to the field

v Stereoskop Twins
Stereoskop which has two lenses on the right side of his left so that observations can be done by two people. Part - part of this stereoskop are two sets of lenses in the right and left, a pillar. The advantages of this stereoskop is the observation can be done by two people simultaneously, a large observation area. While the lack of stereoskop this is not practical, the magnification is not large enough for only 1.5 times to 3 times only.

v Stereoskop Single Prism
Stereoskop who only completed by a single prism lens. Part - this is part of stereoskop underpinnings, sheets buffer, convex lenses and prisms. The advantages of this stereoskop is a farewell to view large image of interocular distance. While the disadvantages are less magnification.
v Stereoskop microscopic
Stereoskop which have a magnification of a very large and almost equal to the microscope. Stereoskop is divided into 2, namely:
ü Stereoskop Zoom
Stereoskop that the lens can be replaced - a replacement for the magnification of a different - different. Section - This section is a pair stereoskop mirror / prism, a pair of lenses, mirrors on each foot. Excess stereoskop this is a very large magnification, stereo image pairs can be played as far as 360 °, and when exposed to light will further clarify the picture. While the lack of stereoskop this is not exposed to light when the resulting image will not appear.

ü Interpretoskop
Modern Stereoskop who already use computers. The advantages of interpretoskop is more accurate result because computerized. Lack of interpretoskop is their large size and power while requiring their use.