mozaic image satelite

Mosaicing (merge) Scene in ER Mapper Satellite Imagery Tuesday September.9.2008 In analyzing such a large area of ​​Province, the coverage consists of several scenes of his image, then before the scene if it should be in the mosaic image (combined) first. Mosaic multi-band image can be performed in ER Mapper, mosaic data to be better with the Image Balancing facilities. The image produced from the process later this mosaic is the new data with a full band or composite in want.
How Memosaic
1.Samakan projected to be in the mosaic image 2.Lakukan geometric correction by using larger vector data, for example Polygon provincial boundary. In correcting geometik, empowering also other data that you have such data roads, rivers, etc. because it will greatly facilitate corrections. 3.Buka data to be in the mosaic. 4.Click right on the layer> instead of RGB layer to Pseudolayer> Adjust with each of his band. If you are in want is a mosaic of data in the form of a composite image, for example, 543 Composite, then that needs to prepare pseudolayernya only bands 5.4 and 3, whereas if it is in want is a complete multiband image mosaic, then prepare his pseudolayer for each band. 5.Klik new window> Open the next image data, proisedur do the same. 6.Klik icon copy and paste all prseudolayer on image 2 below pseudolayer 1, fix the order by way of preparing pseudolayer be: band 1 (citra1), band 1 (image 2), band1 (image 3) ff. 7.Fungsikan menu sub menu Image Balancing Wizard, by clicking the Icon Image Balancing Wizard for Air Photos, adjust pilihanya. 8.Selanjutnya Algorythm open the menu to adjust its Histogram Histogram by clicking on the icon Match. 9.Untuk see the mosaic window right click on View> Quick Zoom> Zoom to All Datasets 10.Jika ok then save the image of the band a result of this combination. Do the same for all bands band.Selanjutnya combine this mosaic into the desired image. Actually, ER Mapper ER Mapper also provides application Image Compressor 30-day evaluation version, this application can memosaic and compress the image into the format. ECw, has a user interface that is easily understood by GIS-er and highly efficient click. However, this evaluation version can only save the image with a maximum file size 50 MB, making it less suitable for use, the results of 5 scene mosaic of Landsat data alone would size around 1.5 GB.

Other applications that are more specific to the data memosaic is ER Mapper Mosaic Image Balancing and Compressor (MBC), but until now not been available for free.
In addition to ER Mapper, generally other GIS software also has the function of mosaic. ER Mapper comparison with some other software can be seen below:
ENVI Mosaic and ortho-photo production. Hyper-spectral analysis. Integrated GIS and radar data capability. Good import / export functions. Erdas Mosaic and ortho-photo production. Works with aerial photos and satellite images. Automatic DEM extraction, matching and color balancing and radiometric correction. Compliments IMAGINE product line. Good import / export functions. ER Mapper Mosaic and ortho-photo production. Hyper-spectral analysis. Color matching and radiometric Corrections. 3D object creation. GIS functionality. ESRI Mosaic and geo-referencing. Image analysis is available. Works with satellite, radar and photos. Compliments other ESRI products. Good import / export functions. GRASS Georeferencing and mosaic. Creates ortho-photos Idrisi Mosaic and geo-referencing functionality. Image analysis capability. No ortho-photo function. Most widely Used raster based GIS. PCI Works with airphotos, IKONOS and satellite imaging. Automatic DEM extraction, extraction and 3D satellite RADARSAT image extraction. Other modules available for hyper-spectral analysis and GIS functions. Color and radiometric correction. MicroImages Mosaic and geo-referencing. Image analysis capability. Accepts satellite, aerial photos and radar images. Ortho-photo capability. Good import / export functionality.