Global Mapper ® from Intermap publishers more than just a tool that displays the shading, elevation, or vector data set of the most popular: This device can also convert, edit, print, track GPS, and allows you to apply GIS functionality on your datasets in one package low-cost software and easy to use.
Global Mapper ® new version, release 6, capable of displaying elevation data in true 3D.Your data files can be uploaded as a layer. For example, a Digital Elevation Model (DEM), can be uploaded with a scanned topographic map, to create a 3D view on the map. Digital aerial image can be placed on the surface together with vector contour to create stunning images and informative. The results can be printed, or workspace can be exported to high-resolution image shading for use in presentations or reports.

Global Mapper ® is not just a versatile device, but has a built-in functions for calculating distance and area, shading assimilation and contrast adjustment, elevation view, and the calculation of the line of sight, as well as advanced capabilities like image rectification, contour of the surface data creation, analysis, display the direction of flow of surface data, and triangulation and gridding 3D point data. Repetitive tasks can be solved by using a script language functions are built-in or a whole batch conversion.
Global Mapper ® Benefits· Perform calculations and vast distances accurately, assimilation shading and contrast adjustment, elevation view, and the calculation of the line of sight to maximize precision."By routinely saves time spent to perform repetitive tasks using scripting language functions are built-ins and a whole batch conversion.· By quickly digitize new vector features, edit existing features, and easily save them to the supported export formats.· With easy to track any compatible GPS devices that connect to the serial port of your computer through any data that are uploaded, marking waypoints with no connection, and record the tracking logs.• In an instant set contour interval for each combination of elevation data with advanced features contour maker."By automatically perform triangulation and grid data sets to convert the 3D point set of elevation samples into a data set that is fully in-grid.· By quickly save the contents of the screen into BMP, JPG, PNG, or (Geo) TIFF, which you can intuitively rectification and stored in a completely new image can be georeferenced.· By immediately for decompressing each SDTS transfer files to a separate directory, saving valuable time.· Immediately display the nearest DRG files through the automatic clipping file USGS DRG collar
The functions contained in the global mapper are:1. Support to a variety of popular formats both raster and vector.2. The ability of access to the database image from DigitalGlobe, access to the database TerraServer-USA

    and USA regional topographic data for free.3. Direct connection to WMS data sources, including access built in to the 30-m NED database, the
    database SRTM 3-arc second for free.4. Supports 3D view elevation data.5. Cropping, reprojection, bringing together a variety of raster and elevation data, including the DRG.6. Support the digitization. support digitization, good point, line or polygon with the mouse and the results can
    be saved in various popular vector formats. Also can do input data coordinates COGO, barriers and
    distance.7. Supports GPS. users can access the GPS with Global Mapper. we can mark a waypoint, track record
     everything live. even we can connect with some of the GPS as well.8. Support datum / projection. Global Mapper supports accurate conversions between several projection
     systems and datum.metode NADCON, NTv2, and others.9. Supports export data to various formats. almost all formats of vector, raster and elevation can be exported
     into other formats.10. Users can perform a graphical image rectification for JPG, TIFF, and PNG and save it as a raster
       corrected.11. We can generate the contour of the various combinations of elevation data. we can determine the
      contour interval.12. In addition we can also perform automatic triangulation and gridding 3D point data.13. It also supports the combination and comparison of the terrain surface such as DEM. we can perform the
      division operation, on average, and others.14. Support for NASA World Wind, Google Maps, Virtual Earth15. You can capture the image into BMP, JPG, PNG or (Geo) TIFF with a resolution you want.16. Can do batch conversions to process various kinds of files.17. Auto clip collar for DRG, and DOQQ BSB (marine chart).18. Support for files SDTS DLG, SDTS DEM and other files compressed with. Tar,. Gz or zip.19. Comprehensive analysis of shading visualization with elevation data from a specific location.20. LOS Analysis (3D Path Profiling and Line of Sight), including the curve of the earth, the height of
      receiver / transmitter, and the minimum clearance.21. Measurement capabilities, including multi-segment length, area, analysis of cut-and-fill.22. Ability to link vector file attributes to a website or another file.23. support the DEM and SDTS DEM formats, including DEM decimetre-date.24. Can open the file DLG-O and DEM files directly from gzip compression without the need to
     dekompress.25. Can provide information each time you run the cursor over a feature.26. Supports keyboard navigation.27. Finding and editing vector data by name, content attributes or description.28. Opening JPG files with EXIF ​​data position therein.