Projection and Datum Transform Satellite Imagery with Erdas

Before me mosaic image data or perform further analysis, we must equate the projected image data that we have first. Is sometimes confusing when a mosaic image which we will not overlap with the correct, even though applications such as ArcGIS and Er Mapper already on the fly (keep open a different coordinate system and to overlaykannya), will be very easy when we have data same projection system. There is an application of Erdas whose name Erdas View Finder 2.1 is able to return mereprojeksikan image data quickly and easily,

Download Erdas View Finder
1.Yang have to do is open the image data that will be in reproyeksi
2.Save as> Type the name and location of the image output, the data can be stored in the format. IMG and GeoTIFF
3.Pada Output File Option tab, check the Change Output Pixel Size, and fill with the desired data and also check the Change Output Projection and Select in accordance with the datum and projection are in want.
4.Click Ok, output data is data that has been direproyeksikan.
That it should be noted that this application only return data that has been projected to have the projection system, rather than defining the projections.
In addition to mereproyeksikan data, there are many other functions of this application, such as:
Support. IMG, TIFF, GeoTIFF and MrSID format
View and zoom in on various scales. Several different images can be displayed at once in the view finder window.
Mengoverlay, open the query, measure, and sharpen the contrast of the image display