How to Use a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

In this article, I will try to give little tips and tricks on one of them is the use of GPS Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx.It has long been writing, but published only today (already long in the computer means ... ... ...) with the consideration that this article is only used for personal purposes rather than commercial."If if if if" (the length of om ....) there are shortcomings or mistakes in writing, please comment for improvement ... if the article helps .... hell his comments also do not forget (a little praise Alhamdulillah .. .. hehehe)This article will be published periodically in some parts (let the reader have a little curiosity so you know ..)okay, we started ... ... ...

Garmin GPSMAP 60 CSX is a tool most widely used in Indonesia because of the level of accuracy in determining the position with a tolerance of between 5 to 15 meters (assuming a gain of more than 3 satellite signals). The use of the Garmin GPSMAP 60 CSX very easy, because it already comes with a few navigation buttons and menu options quickly. Types of GPS can also be used for various purposes such as for surveys, find out the sunrise and sunset, predicts the number of fish in one location, know the circulation of the moon and sun, and others.Function keys Garmin GPSMAP 60 CSX:1. The "IN" and "OUT"a. In Map view: used to zoom in and out of the map (Zoom in and zoom out).b. At Compass Views: used to change the course scale pointerc. On Display Altimeter: used to zoom in and zoom out history / changes in altitude or air pressure.2. Button "PAGE"Used to move to move to several major applications of GPS. By default, when the first ignition, the GPS will display satellite images. After the page button is pressed, it will move to the next screen suitable arrangement, such as compass, altimeter, the main menu (main menu), or the trip computer3. Button "MENU"Menu button has several functions:a. If pressed 1 times, it will display the menu options on the application being performed.b. If pressed 2 times, it will display the main menu.4. The "ENTR"Used to approve the choice or request given by the GPS.5. Button "QUIT"Used to cancel a choice or request given by the GPS. If pressed when not given the option (in the form of "yes and no" or "ok"), then pressing this button will be inversely proportional to the page (switch to several applications in the opposite)6. The "FIND"Used to find something that aa in the vicinity. When the "FIND" button is pressed, it will be raised several options, such as waypoints, geocache, cities, All Point of Interest, and others.7. Button "MARK"Used to indicate on a map where the GPS is located. This sign can be used as an initial benchmark measurement or as a marker coordinates.8. Button the right, left, up and down (Rocker button)Used to select the available options and to enter data or the pointing map.9. Button "POWER"Press and hold Used to turn on or turn off the GPS. Press then release to set the backlight (the light on the GPS)
How to Use the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx 2This he continued from part 1 in the article "How to Use the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx" please read it goes ... ...The following menus will be explained on the GPS and its functions.1. Menu "Satellite"When first turned on, GPS will display the satellite menu. Where in this menu are shown in the status of satellite reception. To get a good satellite signal (large signal strength) then the GPS must be outside with no obstructions to the sky, and sunny weather. or it could be by adding an external antenna that plugs into your GPS device. Make sure that the GPS acquire a minimum of 3 satellite signals, the status of this acceptance can be seen on the bar below the circle the satellite. Satellite signals that can be used that is the bar that contains, not a white bar.After the signal obtained is sufficient, then at the top of the screen will show us the coordinates of latitude and longitude position and the position tolerance shown by the "location". If the location shows the ± 10m, meaning the GPS to predict the location we are in a radius of 10 meters from the coordinate position indicated by GPS.In the center, there are two circles that large and small circles. The second circle represents the sky. Small circle mean radius of our vision to the sky by 45 °. Large circle, representing our vision into the sky at 180 degrees. Satellite image with respective numbers scattered around the large and small circle represents the satellite position at that time.2. Menu "MAP (Map)"When selecting this menu, will appear on the map as if we look at a map in general. The difference is that there is a black triangle in the middle of the map is displayed. This triangle shows the position we are on the surface of the earth and the GPS directions. On the menu map, we can measure the distance of a point with another point by pressing the Rokr. We can also see the direction of navigation when searching a site.3. Menu "Trip Computer"In this menu, there are the numbers to know: Trip Odom, max speed, moving time, moving avg, stopped, averall avg, elevation, odometer. The function above can search their own understanding4. Menu "Compass"Almost all GPS features a digital compass. Compass is the same as an analog compass in general. Any time will do the survey, this compass should always be in calibration. Due to this compass using a digital system, so that the appointment would be a mistake if it is on hold with the equipment containing the magnetic field. On the compass menu, there is also some information that is used at the time of survey5. Menu "altimeter"On the menu altimeter, there are 2 functions, namely to measure the elevation (altimeter), and to measure the air pressure (barometer). On the measurement of elevation, will be shown that in measuring our height above sea level. While the measurement of air pressure, air pressure will be shown around the unit is calculated using millibars.6. Main MenuIn this menu, displayed some other GPS functions that do not appear when we press the button page. Usually displayed on this menu, is a facility that is rarely used.
How to Use the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx 3Here's the basic use of GPS will be given prior to the survey, or some other GPS functions.1. Compass CalibrationCompass calibration is necessary because GPS uses an electronic compass, which would occur if the GPS error appointment already / ever having contact with the goods that emit a magnetic field like CellPhone, Display Monitors, Television, Compass and other standards. How to calibrate the compass, namely:- Turn on the GPS- Press the page several times until the image appears on-screen compass.- Press menu, then select Calibrate "compass", then press enter.- Select start to start the calibration.- When it says "Turn Slowly," turn right towards the GPS slowly (ONLY WAY TO RIGHT) as much as 2 full rotations.after 2 full rotations performed, the screen will display the words "Callibration Completed Successfully". If it does not appear, the calibration process has not been carried out correctly. Repeat step 3. press Enter to display the compass.2. Altimeter CalibrationCalibration is also necessary to know the height of a land where we are. Should altimeter calibration is done at sea (should at the beach, may also in port), because the GPS took the benchmark elevation from sea level.- Turn on the GPS- Press the page several times until the altimeter display appears on the screen- Press menu, then select "Calibrate the altimeter" and then press enter.- If you already are near the sea, select yes and enter your height when performing calibration.- After entering the altitude, then continued with the calibration of air pressure. If you know the current air pressure, can choose yes, contrary to select no if you do not know the current air pressure.If not done altimeter calibration, the GPS will automatically use the GPS elevation obtained from the satellite. This is only an approximate elevation of the satellite.