Satellite Image Update Surabaya, Bangkalan & Lhokseumawe in Google Earth

Google has announced an update of high resolution satellite images on Google Earth, and (soon) on Google Maps. For Indonesia, Surabaya, Madura Bangkalan County & City Lhokseumawe and Mount Krakatoa get GeoEye-1 satellite image is the latest recorded in 2010.

Bridge records dated July 19, 2010

See samples of my capture in the image above for the longest bridge that connects between Surabaya and Madura. In the previous update Surabaya, longest bridge does not look entirely, now you can see the bridge intact.

Actually there are several other areas in the update, such as the City of Pasuruan and southern Batang. Google already provides a KML file which can be downloaded to view the latest image updates in Google Earth on May 3, 2011 this.