How the iPhone Knowing your location?

Allegations that the iPhone / iPad has been tracking and recording the location-based data on mobile

has been argued by Apple. Bitten apple logo company stated that it was just a bug that occurs in a location-based software that has been storing the user's location without ever automatically delete it after so long. Then how exactly the iPhone know your location?

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iPhone and iPad also has embedded technology in Assisted-Global Positioning System (A-GPS) which is a refinement of the GPS satellite positioning as in the hemisphere. Advanced Positioning Method contained in A-GPS is a positioning method of the most high accuracy compared with other position detection method. so that A-GPS is much more efficient and effective in accessing information from the satellite because it does not need tolook for the data one by one from the existing 24 satellites ,but A -GPSalready knows the target ( satellite),which are required or intended . Furthermore, A-GPS is a service that combines GPS and GSM systems (Global System for Mobile Communications).

Apple and Google also through its Android also uses Wi-Fi positioning technology. This technology is the answer to a better location accuracy in urban and indoor closure_uid_p2n8dn="2525" title="Klik untuk terjemahan alternatif">areas, because of tall buildings and roofs of buildings blocking the GPS to get a satellite transmission, thereby reducing the accuracy and speed of determination of location. As is known, the GPS may take up to about 10-15 minutes to get a satellite transmission at the first GPS enabled, and even then depending on its location, whether in open areas or not.

Wi-Fi positioning technology will work by logging on to the points Wi-Fi hotspots and cell phone tower near the gadget. For information, phone towers and Wi-Fi access point has a geographic location in the device when installed. The page on Wikipedia here might give an idea of ​​how the technology Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi positioning Trilateration.

Apple has been using Wi-Fi positioning technology that began to be used in IOS 4 of the companies that already have a database of Wi-Fi access points worldwide, Skyhook [].

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With one or both technologies, the iPhone user's location / iPad quickly and precisely to find out his position every time you open the Maps application which is marked with a blue circle. When the circle appears large, in fact the GPS / A-GPS was working and collecting other sources, both from mobile phone towers and Wi-Fi hotspots to get the most precise location. When the location is believed by the software as an appropriate location, bright blue color with a small size indicates the exact location.