China Researcher Uses Snake To Detect Earthquakes

The Chinese scientists said they successfully developed a method to detect earthquakes by observing the strange behavior of snakes. Through the internet video frequency related experts from the local earthquake Nanning, Guangxi Province where penebahan detect local snake.

The scientists said, that a large snake can detect earthquakes within 120 km length of the perimeter of the 5 days before the earthquake. They also pointed out, the reaction of the snakes is very odd, even going through a wall to escape.

The China Daily, the head of Nanning earthquake, Jiang Weisong says, "among all the animals on Earth, snakes are perhaps the most sensitive animals to the earthquake." He said that snake through some of the earthquake response of their behavior is very odd.

According to Jiang Weisong, that "When an earthquake is imminent, even in winter, they also will come out of the nest. If the earthquake was devastating, it will even hit the wall to save himself. "

Nanning is an area frequently hit by earthquakes, is one area among the 12 cities in China that use sophisticated equipment to detect earthquakes. And the city also has 143 fauna oversight bodies.

Weisong Jiang said, "Through a camera mounted on a nest of snakes, then in terms of detecting earthquakes we have no further improvement. This system can be used in other areas throughout China, to help our detection more accurate. "

China's frequent earthquakes. Earlier in 1976, approximately 250,000 people died in the earthquake in Tangshan. (Secret China Sources) *