How to cut the image file in ArcView

As I write here, the operation called ArcView data format with BSQ, BIL, BIP, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and GeoTIFF. A default file *. Img. klo work pake image file, the main obstacle is usually very fast hard drive is full. Well usually save the original file and to a certain tempat2 I cut his image corresponding to the location I want. In addition to saving hard drive, it is also to speed up the process that occurs dikomputer. In ArcView itself does not have a command or tool to cut image. To be able to cut the image file in ArcView try diakalin the Save Image As in the Theme menu. Tp is the origin of ngeSave Image As aja .. some properties need to be set in the Image menu analysis. And of course, must have extensions Image Analyst We try to step one by one. Enable extensions image analyst. Once the image file to be cut open (here using the example of a Landsat image), then make a file pangill or area (polygon vector form) as a deduction limit (Figure below: red boxes outline a polygon vector file that is used as a cutting limit)
Further analysis on the Image menu select properties à and Image Analysis properties dialog box will open. Extent analysis in the next box select polygon vector file that will determine the outer limits of pieces (Batas_potongan.shp) or can also write down the coordinates of the outer limits. analysis Cell sizenya select the image that we will cut (Citra_landsat.img). and most importantly Masknya Analysis, select the polygon vector file which is the limit cut (Batas_potongan.shp). Image Analysis instance properties dialog box that has been filled can be seen in the image below.
Further activate the theme image to be cropped (Citra_landsat.img). the figure below is an example of the active theme and the theme is not active.
Theme menu and click Save Image As à. Specify a new name and location penyimpanya image file. Wait a minute process, the end result will look like the image below. Good luck