Speculation Problem Video of Sky South Korea

A new video emerged showing something that looked like UFOs flying through the window of a passenger who was on a plane. The plane was flying over Seoul, South Korea.
In the video recording, the unidentified passenger who recorded the view from the airplane window. Suddenly he was surprised when something that looks like a white disc is recorded.

Furthermore, the video shows magnified images of UFOs. Actually, the picture looks more like a cap rather than an ivory circular disk technology. Is this just the result of bad special effects and cheap trick instead of a space object is captured in the film?

The same author who Speculate origin of this object also wrote about another video taken from NASA footage. In the video, it appears the three objects in a triangular formation appeared on the screen for five minutes. Someone from NASA later said that the object is a kind of tin, aka space junk, and shadows give the appearance of such objects in a triangular formation of three.