Distribution of clouds (rain) over Indonesia in real time from satellite MTSAT

given the importance of information in the cloud distribution in the time willing to Indonesia, then I try to link in this blog. information than Indonesia is one of the regions in the world who have very high rainfall variability both in time and location. therefore very important to know the current state of rainfall in this region oh yes, who is a white cloud in the picture. clouds in the image is not meant rain, but it has a chance of rain. arrangement of the image from top to bottom to inform the distribution of the cloud of an hour earlier (when you open this blog) to 25 hours in advance. hujau line is the distribution of islands in Indonesia. cloud distribution information is obtained from the Meteorological Satellite Center (MSC) of Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). MTSAT-2 satellite is. OK survived to enjoy this dish. hopefully can be early warning (reminder) for all of us.