Creating a Coordinate System TM3

TM3 Coordinate system used by the BPN for land measurement. I see many systems use these coordinates on the maps Cadastral / HGU plantation. Import GIS software by default does not include the coordinate system is in the list of existing coordinate system. Although demukian, by knowing the parameters of TM3, we can make a coordinate system with easy TM3. Here is one example of making the coordinate system of TM3 in ArcGIS software. Differences / Similarities TM3 and UTM is TM3 has a wide zone of 3 degrees, while the UTM zone has a width of 6 Degrees. A UTM zone is divided into two zones TM3. MisalnyaUTM Zone 50 Zone is divided into TM3 and TM3 50.1 50.2 Zone UTM projection TM3 and both use a Transverse Mercator False Easting of each zone in TM3 is 200000, whereas at UTM is 500 000 False Northing each zone in TM3 is 1.5 million, while at UTM is 10 million Central meridian at different TM3 UTM. But the principle is the same. UTM zones dibagia two, meridian in each zone is divided into Central meridian is automatically Scale Factor in TM3 is 0.9999 while the UTM is 0.9996 Latitude of Origin at the 0 (zero) degrees Parameters can be downloaded at TM3.xls TM3 Armed with TM3 parameter table in the Excel file above, next we will try to make the coordinate system TM3 50.1 Zone (South Kalimantan). For other areas please use the same way but the parameters differ according to the TM3.xls file. A. Open Window "Spatial Reference Properties'. One way is by Double Click on the layer (data frame)> Coordinate System