Panda Able to Detect Large Earthquake

A few minutes before the massive earthquake struck central China earlier this week, a number of giant pandas living in zoos was restless. It is possible evidence that has the ability to detect gempa.Perilaku panda panda out of the ordinary moments before an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale was successfully filmed a British tourist who was visiting the Wolong National Nature Reserve near Chengdu which is very close to the center earthquake. "Panda-panda really look very lazy and just eat a little bamboo rod, and when disaster strikes they are assembled with each other," said Diane Etkins, the name of the tourists. Approximately 86 adult pandas living there a number of cubs survived and was evacuated to areas where conditions Shawan more bizarre baik.Perilaku before the earthquake are also shown in other animals. In 2005, it was

reported that a herd of elephants roaring and running wild ahead of the massive earthquake that triggered the tsunami in Sri Lanka and India.Menurut Diana Reiss, a professor at Hunter College, New York, USA, animals have a sensor that senses more sensitive than humans . Many animals can hear ultrasonic sound or look in the dark. Snakes are known to feel the seismic waves and elephants may be able to detect it with his foot. These abilities are very useful to survive in the wild. "Perhaps it is also important to use animals such as other natural signs to predict disasters that damage," said Reiss. However, it is still too early to say that before the earthquake panda behavior related to these capabilities.