Storms 'Tornado' Success Highlighted Sun Camera

Accompanied by a round of strong winds, known as the tornado was also there in the sun. The researchers observed the giant swirl using Solar Dynamic Observatory satellite (SDO). Solar Storm 2012 Forum for the observation of solar phenomena tornado captures the sun on 25 September 2011 and recorded it using the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly telescope mounted on the satellite body. "This is the first time a giant tornado caught on camera. Tornado sun ever seen by SOHO-but not in the film, "said Li Xing solar researchers from Aberystwyth University in Wales, UK. Satellite data show the tornado was very hot. Gas is in it has a temperature of 50 thousand to 2 million degrees Celsius. The air is sucked from the flames and called the spiral path to take to the air as high as 200 thousand kilometers. Height is reached within three hours. At top speed, the gas inside a tornado can reach speeds of 300 thousand kilometers per hour. For comparison, the highest speed tornado on Earth only reach 150 kilometers per hour. Continuous observation of the pattern shows the appearance of a tornado. The experts know the tornado appears in the location of the birth of the sun's solar storms. Solar Dynamic Observatory satellite which records a rare phenomenon is starting to monitor the sun since it was launched in February 2010. These satellites orbit the earth in a circular orbit at an altitude of 36 thousand kilometers. All the changes in the sun can be monitored by scientists on Earth.