Create a polygon with coordinates

Data sources is one of the important points in the process of manufacture and processing of spatial data in ArcGIS there are many sources of data as well as the type, source data may include satellite imagery, aerial photographs, digital maps, survey results from both GPS and other survey instruments and field data collection a marker on the map the area that we will be. One source of data is the most widely used existing data from field surveys using GPS to determine location coordinates of a point, GPS is the most common tools in use in the field of geospatial both for navigation and mapping for a particular region or area, the benefits of GPS is that we can determine a point of no coverage and constrained problems buying process data long enough, we just need to come on site or we will map the area and take the coordinates and other data on the region. ArcGIS is a GIS software that has the advantage and the ability to load data in the form of coordinates either directly from the recording of data such as Garmin and Magellan GPS and the coordinate data of a conventional recording then enter MS Excel or notepad kedala On this tutorial we will discuss how to create a polygon from the data point that was made from the coordinates of the point made ​​in MS Excel.
data from field surveys in the form of coordinate points IUP boundary of a mining company, this tutorial will discuss the stages in performing input coordinate points on everything from how to prepare the data from MS Excel create a formula to convert coordinates formatted Degree minutes into the second coordinate Decimal format degree, then enter the data table into ArcGIS and made ​​a point-point coordinates in ArcGIS