How to Detect or Know The Earthquake

The quake was the most feared natural disasters. Unlike the tsunami that could be avoided by looking for higher ground. But the quake did not know such a thing. Low height of a land can not save someone from the earthquake. But the quake could have been avoided by early mendeteski the earthquake. Well ... how do I detect or know of any earthquake? You can use an application called Earthquake 3D V2.4.5. This application is able to detect or know of any earthquake of up to 7 days ahead, great right? although not 100% accurate but it never hurts to try this application for free anyway.

This application is also portable (no installation), so it can be directly used. He was able to display information about earthquakes that occurred from around the world, and the display of information is quite accurate, though not 100%.

This application is also capable of displaying the appearance of an earthquake in some way, can also zoom or rotate the earth. The information it provides close to real time as using the latest data coming from the United States Geological Survey in the U.S. via the internet