Satellites makes it possible to monitor the occurrence of disaster

When a disaster occurs, the speed of information gathering from the air vehicle and spacecraft can be used to record information obtained by the disaster and quickly without the constraints that can be used to monitor the occurrence of disasters. Many disasters affecting large areas and there is no system or technology as effective teknlogi remote sensing to record the spatial coverage of the disaster area. Remote sensing data can be for monitoring events during the disaster event (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Monitoring Land Cover in D. Tempe (LAPAN)

Positioning satellites to give an advantage in planning, operating, and monitoring of catastrophic events. Remote Sensing and GIS can be used for evacuation route planning, design centers for emergency operations. Integration of satellite data with relevant data can be used in the planning of disaster early warning systems (Disaster Warning System). As an example of remote sensing data for monitoring drought in the region are experiencing a period is shown in figure 4 below.