Earthquake 3D Review

You remember the earthquake in Aceh and Yogyakarta are very powerful and takes many lives as well as an invaluable treasure. Natural disasters of earthquakes are inevitable, but still can be predicted that the possibility of damage and the resulting loss can be minimized.
There is one application that can display information about the catastrophic earthquake that could hold onto. 3D Earthquake her name. This application is small and can be run directly without installation. But do not underestimate his ability. Earthquake 3D capable displays accurate information on the incidence of earthquakes that occurred from around the world. In addition, the application is also able to predict earthquakes up to 7 days. The main page displays a 3D Earthquake earth quake and its appearance, in some desired way. Zoom in or rotate the earth can be done by this application. Information obtained about the earthquake near real time as it uses the latest data from the USGS via the internet connection. USGS stands for United States Geological Survey or the United States Geological Survey. USGS is a fact-finding research organization in charge of studying and analyzing the events of natural disasters. Using an Internet connection, you can find out the earthquake that occurred around the world in realtime. Now just click the button, then this application will be directly connected based on accurate information and data. The quake was detected starting from the smallest to the large scale. **** Earthquakes can happen anytime, especially in areas prone to earthquake Indonesia known. Earthquake 3D has applications as a guide can give early warning of potential earthquakes. Specification The type Freeware Installer size 859 kB Download site Windows operating system 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/2003/7 Plus: The information obtained is accurate and real-time; nuanced view three-dimensional; small file size and no installation.