Natura Sound Therapy Review

It has long, scientists are researching the existence of the relationship between sound waves and the human subconscious. The music and sounds are believed to affect the health, intelligence, mentality, and our concentration.
As from the 9th century, Al-Farabi has revealed the effects of music therapy for the soul listeners in the scientific literature "Meanings of the Intellect". Various research was also conducted to date, including those that gave birth to the theory of "Mozart effect (classical music)" which is beneficial for infant brain development. However, adults also have the opportunity to feel the benefits of music therapy. In addition to healing, this therapy is useful as an aid to relaxation: reducing stress, melelapkan sleep, and so forth. To menjajalnya, please download the application Natura Sound Therapy. In the Natura Sound Therapy, your music collection stored on a variety of sound effects that play and feel of the outdoors. Several options exist, such as the crash of waves, birds singing, and the flow of water. There is also a module that contains the relaxation oscillation noise American flute, piano, ambient rhythms, and hand percussion. You can play all the music and effects simultaneously or select the desired course. The volume of each sound can be adjusted and set a more dominant. If the lazy choice, select only one of 38 titles with the effects of combination therapy presets each. There are presets for the refreshment of the brain, stress release, trigger creativity, as well as bedtime. To sharpen the benefits of music therapy, Natura Sound Therapy offers a Brainwave Synchronizer. This feature is claimed to improve mental focus and prepare for the state of meditation and relaxation. But, this new function is useful if you are wearing headphones. *** Natura Sound Therapy offers an alternative way to help the healing, relaxation, and meditation. You may believe the effects may not like this music therapy. But, trying first what's wrong, anyway? Specification Trial types (7 days), the license price of U.S. $ 29.99 Installer size 48.6 MB Download site Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7 Plus: More sound effects are quite varied; Ease of personalization and sound effect settings. Minus: The module contains four free relaxation music selection: Size of visualization can not be enlarged; price is relatively expensive.