Application of GIS in the Organization / Company / Institution

See you soon with my latest posts ... Still themed GIS. This time I am quoting from Dr. Roger Tomlinson that there are things that should be implemented for the application of GIS in the organization / company / agency you can walk up. STEP 2 The following is a summary that must be implemented in the application of GIS in the organization / company / agency you (Tomlinson, 2003). Consider the strategic goals of your company. GIS system should be in line with overall organizational strategy. Perencaanaan mature. Prosess GIS will require planning and thinking for a long time so that the necessary approval and backing of the boss. Implement technology seminar. GIS seminar is necessary to socialize and get input and is followed by a GIS expert (staff who understand), the head of each department / division, local government representatives. Describe the data required and what information will be produced.

The seminar will be obtained from a rough idea about the kinds of information and requiring division. Then analyzed by priority tiap2 information. Determine the skope of system: data (scale), hardware, software, timing. Determine design data: resolution, map projection, fault tolerance, standard, konvarsi, Specifies the logical data model: relational, object-oriented, object-relational. Determine the system requirenments: interfaces, network communication, data transfer rate. Benefit-cost, migration, and risk analysis: identification of costs per year, the calculation of profits each year, the calculation of benefit-cost ratio. Implementation: organizational, legal, sytem integration, staff recruitment and training.Urungkan pengeditan