Determining Snapping In Arc View (General Snapping)

Prior to the addition or editing of spatial elements, decide in advance whether the elements (line / polygon) will be closed completely. If it is required that all these elements must be free of gaps and problems Overlaps, users must also specify the snap of his environment. When a snap to use, ArcView will move vertices or segments of the spatial element (which recently added by the user) to align with the vertices or segments of existing elements and located within a certain distance (snap distance).

If the user wants spatial elements are automatically snap to the other spatial elements that are within a certain tolerance range, you should use a general selection snapping. General snapping is the snapping of an element to other elements to be done once the user adds a new element. To determine the general snapping, perform the following steps: Click the name of the theme that is being edited to active. Pulldown menu select "Theme" -> "Properties" (or clicking the button directly propertiesnya theme). Once the dialog box pops "Theme Properties", click the icon "Editing" to appear propertiesnya editing the relevant theme. At the panel "Snapping", click the check box "General" to turn the snapping mode. Then type the value of tolerance (distance) which will serve as the snap distance in the edit box "Tolerance". Press the button "OK" to exit the dialog box "Theme Properties".

In the meantime, to determining the general snapping interactively using the mouse, do the following steps: Enable start editing the polygon through a pulldown menu "Theme" -> "Start Editing", so the box on the checklist is surrounded by the dotted line Right in the area view the corresponding window, click the right mouse button until the popup menu. On the popup menu, select "Enable General Snapping"

Snap on tools palette, click the icon "Snap" and the list of tools that extends / extend down (pop down), select / click the icon "General Snap Tool" (general snapping tolerance).

Later in the active view, click or drag a circle which presented the tolerance range (distance snap). While information about the value of the tolerance range (radius of the circle) will appear in the status bar. Value of the distance / radius was used as the general snap tolerance.