Plane crashes in Nigeria Dana Air, has been found more victims of Indonesia

Engineer Supervisor Dana Air, Faisal, said that it still continues to seek repatriation of the bodies Widyo Utomo, Dana Air plane crash victims. In addition to repatriation corpse, he also akan ensure the rights of victims could be fulfilled. "Our bodies try to return as soon as possible. Tonight I will go to Lagos, Nigeria to see the condition of the victim and assist in repatriation of the bodies," said Supervisor Engineer Water Fund, Faisal, told AFP on Wednesday (06.06.12).

According to Faisal, in addition to the return of the bodies, it also will return all personal belongings of victims in Nigeria. "Later appointed to deliver the body to depend on the company in Indonesia. But in addition to the return of the bodies, belongings Widyo also been packed since yesterday, and ready to be returned to the family," he said. He explained that the Water Fund will also seek to restore the rights of victims to the family, such as salaries and insurance. "If the rights of victims, depending on when the body is ready to be discharged, company will fulfill the rights of victims," he said. "Therefore there Kemenlu (Nigeria) continue contacts with the Foreign Ministry here, if there is nothing to live for help," he added.

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