At least 153 people were reported killed, names of victims of the crash is still in data collection

At least 153 people were reportedly killed after their plane crashed into the residential area of Lagos Nigeria, on Sunday (06/03/2012). Thick smoke billowing from the building that was hit by a plane in the area near the airport in Lagos. According to witnesses, the plane seen flying low before it crashed with a loud voice in dense residential areas. Some residents said, after the plane crashed were identified belonging Dana Airlines is Nigeria shatter and cause a fire and smoke in the housing. Wreckage strewn among the burning houses. Until now there has been a known cause of the accident. Hundreds of people flocked to the crash site to see what happens.

"The plane was owned by Dana (airline) from (the capital) Abuja to Lagos is expected to carry about 153 passengers," said civil aviation chief Harold Demuren. It is estimated that none of the passengers survived the horrific crash. "I'm not sure there is a passenger who survived," said Lagos State Police spokesman, Joseph Jaiyeoba. The plane crashed in the IJU, verges densely populated city of Lagos. "The plane flew overhead. Five minutes later there was a loud explosion. Flames and smoke rose high from the wreckage of plane in the residential population," said Tunji Dawodu, who was fresh out of the church at 15:30 o'clock local time. While the airline spokeswoman Dana, who is considered the most secure in Nigeria only confirm that one of his planes had crashed. "We can confirm that one of our planes crashed today in the outskirts of Lagos," said Tony Usidamen told AFP.