Georeference / Regitrasi Map / coordinates Correction Map The Arc View and ArcGIS

On GIS, raster data is data that is often one to use. Raster data are usually presented data thematic, such as land use, land suitability and so forth, so to use it, should the data in the registration / correction in advance in order to overlaykan other vector data. On ArcView, the following steps: Enable Extension Image Analysis sub menu by clicking on the Extension File menu

Then open the raster file to be registered

Then open the file which is a tie point (coordinates) for raster data to be on the register. Regitrasi process requires at least 4 points of known coordinates so that data can be in a correction to the coordinate system is Then click the theme file and raster tie points together by pressing the shift key before. Then click the icon to register / equalize the position between raster data with a data point (point) by pulling on the point of the raster (eg, point 1 to point A)

Do it the same way until all points finish to register a point 2, 3 and 4 on the raster data point to point B, C and D

After that save the files that have been registered into TIFF format by way of sub menu click Save Image As .. in the Theme menu, and complete. And here are the steps in ArcGIS: Create a new frame folder, then click the Add Data button, then open the raster data file that will deregister. Then come up Georeferencing tools and kick the Add button to continue the process Georeferencing

This will bring up the raster maps

Click the Add button and then click the control point is the point of having the information grid.

Then click the link table view, and edit the value of X and Y map folder based on the information grid points.

Repeat the steps above to add the reference points, at least 4 points. After that, click Georeferencing tool and then select Rectify. Set the cell size and resample type and output file names. Then click OK.