Global Positioning System surveys

Global Positioning System surveys with such titles contained in a digital textbook book is published in the GIS Community by PT. Geovisi Mitratama. The series of books in gif format which can be downloaded in the GIS community mailing list. The following excerpt from the Introduction to the eBook contents of the GPS: Global Positioning System is a tool to determine the position in a particular coordinate system. The first system was developed by the U.S. to put a few tens of satellites in the sky spread out the earth in a satellite constellation systm. The book is a training in the use of GPS by Garmin series type III / V, which is divided on which is technically the use of GPS which includes: A. The introduction of satellite layer and the minimum requirement satellite 2. Obtaining coordinates 3. Setting the datum and coordinate system 4. Tracking using GPS track-log 5. Storing data, name data, display data 6. Importing data using GPS MapSource software, convert the data into a spatial data format to another. Here are excerpts from the gif image or tutorial module GPS usage is: