GIS for Banking

Today many developed countries are using GIS technology is very large in various business sectors in addition to the actual state of development activities such as business, banking, information sharing and so on. With GIS, increased productivity and decision-making job becomes very easy and accurate.In the following post, the prospects for using GIS technology to banks that will be discussed. There are many facets in which GIS can be useful for banks to improve performance and customer service.One of the tedious work in the banking system is to provide credit services to customers. Bank doing to improve access to the customer. This has been a competition among the banks about how banks provide such services.

Thus, the Bank must maintain security as shown on the business property, etc.. Bank can take out a mortgage and the sanction to determine the loan amount. In conducting such a decision, the bank should analyze the property or plot as the distance from the main road or the size of the property / plot, verify the truth of the owner of the property / plot, the assessment of land now, etc.. They do this manually by visiting the location or contact a third party to do the job. It takes at least 30 days to do the work and also spend a lot of money. He will also take time to make a decision.But if the bank has a GIS database, the bank can easily do the following:- Analyze spatial data easily with just one click on the computer.- Calculate the area or the distance from the main road without having to go to the location of the property / plot.- Calculate the value of the land area by analyzing the surrounding areas.- Create a central database to prevent double takers.- Can reduce the investment within 30 days.This is a big factor for banks to reduce their investment of time. If they can keep the 30 days they may have an advantage over every year.Bank only requires the following information for analysis:- Plot / property location (address)- Name of owner- The size of plot (region)- Distance from main road- The value of land- Information from the plot, for example: the previous owner, the case, before taking the loan conditions, etc.- Assess the possibility of crime in the regionMany of the data such as the size of the property / plot, distance from main roads, the width of the adjacent, etc. can be made from a map of an area. If this can be implemented, it will be very profitable for the bank or other business organization.