The image sharpening Image enhancement with ERMAPPER

process done to facilitate the user in interpreting the existing objects in the image display. With the algorithm, ER Mapper allows users perform a variety of image enhancement process without the need to create new files that will only make a full disk of the computer. The types of image enhancement operations include: Merging Data (Data fusion), combining images from different sources in the same area to assist in the interpretation. Examples of Landsat-TM with SPOT Data. Colodraping, put one type of image data over other data to create a combination view, making it easier to analyze two or more variables.

Examples of satellite imagery in colordraping vegetation on the aerial photo image in the same area. Contrast enhancement, improving image appearance by maximizing the contrast between light and darkening or raising and lowering the price of an image of the data. Filtering, improving image appearance by transforming the digital image values​​, such as sharpening the border area mempeunyai the same digital value (enhance edge), smoothing the image of the noise (smooth noise), etc.. Formula, made ​​a mathematical operation and enter the values ​​in the digital image of the mathematical operation., Such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Classification, showing the image into certain classes are statistically based on the digital value. Example create land cover maps from Landsat-TM satellite imagery.