Sukhoi Not to Define and Find the amount of Insurance for Victims

How Moscow compensation given to victims of plane crash on Mount Salak May 9, has not been determined. Thus the statement in the Russian manufacturer Sukhoi. The statement followed reports in the mass media in Indonesia called the families of the victims will receive compensation of Rp 1.25 billion (145 thousand dollars). Manufacturer Sukhoi said the new party next week to collect the documents from the family of the victim and the accident investigation will be continued.

As reported by Russian media,, published June 1, 2012. Mentioned, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 plane that crashed had been insured. Coverage to third parties - including the crew and passengers - reached 300 million dollars. As reported previously, Sukhoi agent in Indonesia, PT Trimarga Rekatama, Sukhoi lobbied to be willing to comply with the provisions Permenhub that the death toll from a plane crash are entitled to receive compensation of Rp 1.25 billion. Meanwhile, the government of Indonesia through Raharja Services provide compensation of Rp 50 million / victims as a form of humanity.