Band Ratio dengan ArcGIS

Band Ratio is the ratio between bands or simple language is the division between the band x and band y. Usefulness for the band ratio is so large, it can be to highlight the object of vegetation, water and the boundary between land and sea.Band Ratio is a method of transformation of digital remote sensing image. Can usually be done by using software or software for digital satellite image processing, such as ENVI, Erdas and ERMAPPER and other software.On this occasion, Landsat satellite imagery that consists of a number of channels which exist among the channel 5 and channel 2 which is which, if treated with the band ratio method. Namely the band ratio 5/2 = band band 5 divided by 2 can be used for the extraction of information or analysis of shoreline beach dynamics change when we use satellite imagery and multitemporal Landsat band ratio mengoverlaykan results with other channels to see the dynamic changes that occur.

This method is easy tentusaja applied in the digital satellite image processing software, even the band ratio method is in the softwate with ENVI Zoom ENVI was used as one additional option in the process of automatic feature extraction. Or the process is pretty well known now as one way of satellite image classification based on the object that is object-based classification.In addition to the software, the band ratio method is tentusaja can be done in the geographic information system software is updated from the ESRI ArcGIS 9.x Where it has been said in the ArcGIS version 10, toolboxes for image processing digital satellite has separated itself and prepared alias tentusaja this challenge of integration between GIS data with image processing software or a remote sensing satellite image data.Who reviewed this time is the band ratio method with ArcGIS 9.x versions, namely through the toolboxes with tools and Map Algebra Spatial Analyst raster calculator that is.