Banish Mosquitoes Use GIS (Global information System)

Because of thick smoke shrouded the house smelled of kerosene, I idly looking for information about fogging and various measures of environmental health management. Garanya because of the mosquitoes, but fogging is ineffective or lethal eggs jentiknya. Indeed, fogging is not recommended actions, or in other words, fogging becomes the last resort when there is an epidemic in a region. Although annoying, the end must direlakan in-house fogging, the residents were "kicked out" while while my nose.

WHO says some programs that include prevention and penangahan: Chemical treatment of breeding sites, Biological control, insecticide spraying, Environmental management and vector control, and community mobilization. The most effective follow it along to maintain awareness of environmental health. It is precisely here that Indonesia is still left behind. Movement "3M Plus" - the Closing, Draining, Burying, and use trusted anti mosquito - a campaign not only limited to the ongoing massive movement. Yet to this fogging problem, officers in the field sometimes ignore the standards and procedures established by the fogging of the health department or clinic that would refer to the WHO standard as well.

About the handling of mosquitoes or the treatment of dengue fever, it is better to learn from Singapore. To prevent the spread of mosquitoes, Singapore using an integrated approach to evidence-based approach that includes sectoral collaboration, public education, community services, law enforcement, and research. Various studies and research results were published regularly