ArcGIS Spatial Analyst A very powerful tool used to perform spatial analysis

: Used to: Derive Information, Spatial Relationships Identify, Find Suitable Locations, Calculate Cost of Travel ArcGIS Spatial Analyst helps us to be able to do: Surface analysis Surface Analysis tools useful in lowering the height of geospatial information from the data, such as § Slope § Aspect § Hillshade § Viewshed Surface creation Surface Analysis tools have the tools to make the surface interpolation of sampled data measurements.

§ Spline § Inverse Distance Weighted § Kriging (Ordinary, Universal) raster calculation À Raster calculator to incorporate a variety of datasets with specific parameters Raster calculator is also a tool for: § Calculating map algebra § Map functions § conducting queries Distance Analysis Can provide information such as: § The distance to the nearest hospital at a given location. § Find all the restaurants in particular locations. § shortest or least cost path from one location to another