Plane crash Nigeria Have No Water Extinguish Fire

Dana Air rescue aircraft that crashed in Nigeria is difficult. The cause is not no water around the scene to extinguish the fire. Rescuers acknowledged the difficulty getting water to evacuate the plane in Nigeria Dana Air, also hit a building owned by residents in Lagos. Local residents who helped firefighters bring the water hose, it was realized that no water can be used to extinguish the flames of the fire after the collapse of Boeing MD83 aircraft types it. For three hours they could not get water to extinguish the fire. In the end, people take their own initiatives to take water with buckets. They were trying to extinguish the fire with a modest strength. The situation was exacerbated by several fire trucks are not carrying enough water. Many trucks were deployed, but most of them trapped in the narrow and crowded streets by a crowd of citizens, in the end could not touch the truck scene. Plane crash that occurred on Sunday, June 3, killing all 153 passengers and a few others on the ground. When an accident occurs, the plane was headed for the city of Lagos after takeoff from Abuja. President Goodluck Jonathan declared a day of mourning for three days after the accident occurred.

"May the families of the victims are given the strength in dealing with their loss," the statement by President Jonathan told the Associated Press, Monday (06/04/2012). The incident was a blow to the aviation Nigeria. Earlier on Saturday, June 2nd and then a cargo plane owned by Nigeria's Allied Air Cargo, falling in Ghana. The plane hit the bus and killed 10 people. Accidents in Lagos this time is the worst seen since last September 1992. At that time a military aircraft crashed into the swamp after taking off from Lagos. The incident killed 163 members of the Nigerian military.