Hard work Vitctim Disaster Identification team (DVI) and Indonesia Automatic Identification System Identication Finger Prints (Inafis) Police Headquarters in identifying all the victims of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 airplane crash finally paid off.Exactly 12 days after the accident on Mount Salak SSJ Wednesday (09.05.2012), the 45 identified passengers finally finished today, Sunday (20/05/2012).This was disclosed during a press conference at Anton RS Police Bhayangkara, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta. Here's a list of the names of the victims of SSJ 100:A. Donardi Rahman, Male, (Aviastar).2. Nur Ilmawati, Women, (SKY).3. Edward Maraden Panggabean, Male, (Indoasia)4. Femi, Women, (Bloomberg News).5. Arman Zuvianto Ganis, Male, (Indonesia Air Sport).6. Darwin Pelawi, Male, (Pelita Air).7. Kornel M Sihombing, men's groups, (PT DI).8. Anton Daryanto, male, (Indonesia Air Sport).9. Herman Sulaji, Male, (Air Maleo).10. Stephen Kamachi, Male, (Indo Asia).11. Aditya Recodianty, Women, (SKY).12. Ade Arisanti, Women, (SKY).13. Dody Aviantara, Male, (Space Magazine).14. Educate Yusuf Nur, Male, (Space Magazine).15. Yusuf Ari Wibowo, Male, (SKY)16. Edie satrio, Male, (Pelita Air).17. Heyder Bachsin, Male, (PT Prima Power Chess).18. Kamaruzaman Salim, Male, (SKY).19. Henny Stefani,

female, (SKY).20. Charles Peter Adler, Male, (Srivijaya).21. Insan Kamil Djatnika, Male, (Indoasia).22. Billy Purwoko, Male, (Airfast).23. Raymon Sukanto, Male, (SKY).24. Fazal Ahmad, Male, (Indoasia).25. Darmawan Rully, Male, (Indoasia).26. Susana Vamella Rompas, female, (SKY).27. Aditya Sukardi, Male, (Trans TV).28. Maysyarah, female, (SKY).29. Arief Wahyudi, Male, (PT Trimarga Rekatama).30. Santi, female, (SKY).31. Ismiyati, female, (Trans TV).32. Mary Marcella, Female, (SKY).33. Capt. Aan Husdiana, man. (Kartika).34. Rosy Witham, woman, sky35. Intan Mutiara Dewi, female, (SKY).36. Anggraini Fitria, female, (SKY).37. Thonam Tran, Male, (Snacma / France).38. Eugeny Alexandrovich Grebenshchikov, Male, (Sukhoi).39. Kristina Nikolavna Kurzhupoza, female, (Sukhoi).40. Nikolay Dmitrievich Nartyshchenko, Male, (Sukhoi).41. Alexey Nikolaevich Kirkin, Male, (Sukhoi).42. Alexander Nikolarvich Yablonstev, Male, (Sukhoi).43. Alexander Pavlovich Kochetkov, male (Sukhoi).44. Denis Valerievich Rakhimov, Male, (Sukhoi).45. Oleg Vasilevich Shvetsov, Male behavior, (Sukhoi).Reported previously, the flight made Sukhoi Superjet 100 is part of the demo flight organized by PT Trimargarekatama. The company is an agent who introduced the Sukhoi aircraft from Russia to the company's flights in
Indonesia.Known, the plane was doing twice as much joy flight. The first flight from Halim Perdanakusuma to the Port of the Queen on Wednesday (9/5/2012), at 12.00 pm with the passenger business in the field of aviation. After flying about 35 to 45 minutes, the plane returned to Halim Perdanakusuma in good condition.A second flight at 14:12 pm with transporting 45 people, eight of whom are citizens of the Russian crew, a U.S. citizen, a citizen of France and the rest of citizen of Indonesia.At 14:33 pm, the plane lost contact and was later known to fall on the slopes of the mountain cliffs Salak, Bogor, West Java