Download the Registration Data and Data from Google Earth

We recommend using Google Earth and Google Earth Professional Logo Remover to download the data so there is no Google Earth Logo on the data downloaded.
Download Google Earth Pro 4.2 Fully Patched.

Open the desired area on Google Earth
Click Tools> Options> Change the Show Lat / Long to Decimal Degrees and Change units to meters
Click the Add Place Mark icon and replace the icon with a small box, drag it to the corner of the picture, name the Placemark: 1, record the coordinates X and Y on the notepad. Perform the three other corners. This is done so that the registration process will be more accurate.
Download the image by selecting File> Save Image> Select Premium on Image Resolution
Open Data in ArcGIS and do register as the registration of maps / drawings. Points that have been marked and recorded the coordinates on the notepad to the Control Point at the time of Georeferencing.
Registration can also be done in Mapinfo, ArcView, ER Mapper and Erdas.