FDR was found, the scene on Mount Salak Sukhoi Still Closed to Public

Most of the region of Mount Salak is still closed to the public even though the evacuation was stopped after the discovery of FDR. This is done so that people do not take the alleged aircraft debris was strewn lot at Mount Salak. "Although FDR has been found, the area where the crash is still closed to the surrounding communities. Only the people who will visit the tomb located in the vicinity should be allowed to enter. This is to prevent people do not take the goods or part of the plane to the property yesterday brought the aircraft control levers and the compressor should be submitted NTSC but instead brought to the RS police, "said Chief Marshal Basarnas Daryatmo at Halim Perdanakusumah Airport, Jakarta, Thursday (05/31/2012).

Meanwhile 061/Suryakancana Military Commander Colonel Infantry AM Putranto said the closure was done in order not to be used by people who do not berkepetingan. Putranto appealed to people to report or give up if they find pieces of Sukhoi aircraft at Gunung Salak. "I added to Mount Salak closed unless other activities are not being utilized to adjust so that unauthorized persons. I appealed to the residents around Mount Salak so do not ever take that instead of his interests. In general if there will be people who find the pieces of the Sukhoi aircraft or another property is expected to return to the officer who was dis ana or to the local police station, "imbaunya.