A. Open-ER Mapper 6.4, can pass the desktop icon, or from the Start menu  All Programs   ER Mapper ER Mapper 6.4 2. Click on the icon (Edit Algorithm) in the ER Mapper main menu and the second window will appear with the name: 'Algorithm not yet saved' and the 'Algorithm' 3. Click on the icon (Load Dataset) on the Algorithm window to open the file b12345.ers (Open the dataset file containing the data bands 1 through 5). 4. Show image with transformation Histogram Display Only In the Algorithm window, click (Edit Transform Limits) on the right. Transform visible window. Note: for this step, make sure that only shows the first layer and the layer is in a pseudo layer and the color table and color in the pseudocolor mode.

Click (Edit Formula), and the Formula Editor window will appear. Note: If the formula has been there, click File / Open the Formula Editor window, then to the directory where the formula is stored. Note that: INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 = band3 = band2 If not: In the Formula Editor window enter (Formula You Yuming and Min Hou, 1990): Pow (10, (0.89 + (1,755 * (INPUT1/INPUT2)))) Click Apply Changes .. Click on Close. Click the icon (Save As) and the Files of Type, select ER Mapper Raster Dataset (. Ers) Type to Output Dataset: landsat_sedimen.ers (name up to an important easy to remember) Then click OK. Save As window will appear ER Mapper Raster Dataset, In the Data Type, click the IEEE 4 byte real, click OK. Status window will show the percentage of the process. 5. SPL from the calculation using Formula You Yuming and Min Hou, 1990 looks the resulting value is the value of the Digital number (DN = Pixel value). Open the file landsat_sedimen.ers processing results. Click, click Limit to actual