Operation of the difference of Classification and symbology Map In Arc View and ArcGIS (Unique Value)

With GIS we can easily organize and classify the symbology so that the maps are presented to be more attractive and easier to understand. The right to modify the shape, size symbol, color and font on the map, we can do so through the legend editor. But there is little difference in operation for ArcView and ArcGIS. Here is a different operation to the classification and symbologi in Arc View and ArcGIS (unique value).
The steps in the Arc View is: Double click the one to bring up the legend editor dialog

After the legend editor dialog box appears, change its type legend item from Single Symbol to Unique Values.

In the new dialog, there are still empty Field Values ​​. Select the attribute (which is owned by the active theme) that will be used to classify the elements of the map, for example sub (to present the positions of each sub-district) or large (for the present area of each sub-district).
And when the Apply button is pressed, the display theme on view will be changed to as follows:

While the steps in ArcGIS are as follows: Double click on the layer to bring up the Layer Properties dialog box. Then click the symbology tab. In the left pane, click Categories. Then select Unique Value. Then setting the Value Field, select one of the attributes that will be used to classify the elements according to the classification of maps needed. Then click the OK button, and complete.