Suspected Meteor Falling objects in Balaraja

An object suspected meteor fell on a mes employees of the Road Attack, Balaraja, Tangerang regency. Former dropping objects were damaged roof space of the building, a motorcycle, and ambles to the ground.

"It was also wounded an employee's stay in the mess," said Chief of Police Sector Balaraja, Adjunct Commissioner Dody Prawiranegara, Thursday, June 21, 2012.

According to Dody, the object falls at about 5:00 this morning hit a mes room employees Rezeki PD Partners. Riswan, the name of the employee, suffered bruises.

Police are now sterilize the location and give the police line as people flocked to see the location of objects falling from space are suspected.

It leaves a mark falling objects such as roofs and ceilings of houses destroyed, the motorcycle were also destroyed, and broken floor tiles and land subsidence.