Image Processing Procedures

The procedure begins with the image data processing import data up to the final result in print (printing). Of some of these procedures, not all procedures must be performed to obtain results in line with expectations. For some applications the expected output can be generated without going through the whole procedure of image processing. import data The first step is to import the image processing of satellite data to be used in ER Mapper format. Generally, the data stored in the form of magnetic tape, CD-ROM or other storage media. Two main forms of data are imported into the ER Mapper is a vector and raster data. Raster data is the data type that is the primary activity of image processing. Examples of raster data is satellite imagery and aerial photography.

At the time of import raster data, ER Mapper will create two files, namely: Binary data files containing raster data in BIL format, without the file extension. Header file in ASCII format with the extension. Ers Vector data is data that terseimpan in the form of lines, points and polygons. Examples of vector data is the data generated from the digitized Geographic Information System (GIS) such as roads, location of sampling or administrative boundaries. ER Mapper also will create two files are the result of importing vector data: Data files in ASCII format containing vector data Header file in ASCII format with the extension. ERV