Plane Crash in Nepal, Nine Killed

Back plane crash occurred on Monday (14/5) at an airstrip in the Himalayas, northern Nepal. The accident killed at least nine people and left eight others critically victim. Head of Government Administration of Northern Nepal Laxmi Raj Sharma, said the plane berpenumpang 21 people crashed into the mountain during the reverse direction to land in Jomsom Airport, northern Nepal. Condition of the aircraft while the aircraft was badly damaged and burned until it explodes.

Sharma said that, to date from the results of a preliminary investigation suspected the plane had technical problems. According to the current rescue teams had evacuated to nine bodies from the wreckage site. While the critical eighth victim was rushed to a nearby town that is Pokhara by helicopter. According to one police officer Nareswor Aryal, the plane was brought by two pilots and a flight attendant, who is a citizen of Nepal. The plane carrying 16 passengers and two people of Western India. Aryal said that not knowing the origin of these two strangers. The airport is the gateway to many popular destination for explorers and Hindu worshipers. They plan to travel to Muktinath shrine that had been respected. It is located 200 kilometers northwest of Kathmandu. Dornier aircraft is owned by the local air company Agri